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Sample Projects


Project Example 1

Self Worth, Behaviour and Communication
Project size: 500-1000 delegates

Project initiated in 2013


Developing Self Worth
•    have a strong sense of personal identity
•    know yourself
•    know what your personal attributes are
•    understand your own and other people’s personalities
•    develop emotional intelligence
•    develop self-esteem or a sense of self-worth
•    recognise areas of imbalance in your life
•    examine your mind-set and belief system
•    refine your personal vision for the future
•    develop a plan for your life
•    develop positive, constructive life strategies
•    make the most of what you have
•    create a healthy personal environment


 Communication and Behaviours
•    Identifying your own and other peoples behavioural styles for improving relationships
•    Understanding what influences our perceptions and beliefs
•    Understand different modes of communication
•    Familiarise yourself with fundamental communication skills through interactive learning, case studies and group discussions
•    Expressing yourself clearly
•    Showing empathy to build relationships
•    Being assertive while respecting others 
•    Handle sensitive issues and conflict productively 
•    Establishing trust through congruent behaviour and building rapport through communication modes

  • Need assessments and project planning 

  • Product and workshop development

  • Workshop roll-out and facilitation

Project Example 2

Community Development | Health & Safety
Project size: 2000+ delegates


•    Development of cost-effective large group training model

•    Consultation and project development
•    Bespoke product development and design for community safety project
•    Preparation and management of large format workshops 
•    Presentation of workshops to large groups of up to 200 delegates per session
•    Design of marketing material
•    Research and development of educational materials inclusive of posters, fact sheets and handouts

•    Design, development and sourcing of applicable edu-tainment

•    Planning and execution of Family days, Partners days and Youth days

•    Working with and training in-house staff to manage projects going forward

•    Development and roll-out of weekly, monthly and quarterly branded marketing material for distribution in community

•    Development of topics, research and sourcing of information relevant to community health and safety

•    Design of healthy eating plans and exercise programmes to encourage healthier living

•    Creating awareness of health and safety risks in the home

•    Training of basic first aid skills and how to react in crisis situations

•    Sustainable development workshops for schools and communites

Project Example 3

Alignment of Local and International Brand
Project size: 500-1000 delegates


•    Programme design and development
•    Workshop development
•    All programme related product development inclusive of learning aids and handouts
•    Development of bespoke brand manual 
•    Sourcing, procurement and management of project materials
•    National roll-out and facilitation in small and large group formats across corporate structure
•    Creating internal brand awareness
•    Promoting the alignment of local and international brand principles  
•    Managing roll-out of programme with Human Resources and Marketing departments


Personal Brand Management and Development- Individual Coaching
Project size: Select individuals



Managing the first seven seconds
The first seven seconds of contact is often via a phone call, or seeing someone walking down the passage before meeting and/greeting them. Managing the first seven seconds depends very much on personal appearance, telephone skills and greeting.
•    How do you make an impact on other people
•    Creating a positive impression
•    Complications during introductions and handling difficult situations
•    General guidelines for communicating in the corporate environment
•    Relaxation, stress release and breathing techniques when communication verbally 
•    Articulation- clarity and common errors
•    Accents and pronunciation in the corporate environment
•    Vocal pitch and variety in typical scenarios in the workplace