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Greeff and Associates are a boutique consulting firm that creates bespoke training solutions to suit individual clients' needs. One size does not fit all, and we realise the importance of addressing each client on their own merit.


From cultivating great leaders, to teaching health and safety skills to a large labour force, we have a solution to address your developmental needs.



For over a decade, Greeff and Associates have assisted clients in growing a workforce that is more resilient, and better equipped to handle the world they perform in. 



For over two decades, Greeff & Associates have contributed to the well being of businesses and individuals around the globe. Founded in 1997, the driving force behind the business was an innate desire to contribute to the development of not only business entities, but also the individuals who made these organisations great.

Today Greeff & Associates develop and implement bespoke consulting and training solutions for their clients on a project basis. Projects vary from a few select individuals, to company and community rollouts comprising of thousands of delegates

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