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Greeff & Associates offer a bespoke range of services, custom designed to suit the unique needs of each client and individual. With a large bank of information at our fingertips, we offer services ranging from personalised and customised to your needs, to projects that have been tried and tested by many of the country's companies.

Training & Facilitation

Despite our efforts to analyse trends in expectation of future needs, we cannot know exactly what knowledge will be most needed in the future, and it would therefore be futile to try and teach it in advance. Instead we need to cultivate the love for learning, and learn so well that we will be able to learn whatever is needed, when it is needed - hence the challenge to make learning enjoyable, meaningful and enriching.


Our approach to learning is that it should be relevant, enjoyable and of the highest standard.


Getting to grips with the challenges, issues and culture in the context of strategic goals, necessitates the application of methodology that includes various techniques and instruments. But, frequently, past experience and good judgement are all that is needed. We go out of our way to help you find sustainable solutions. 


Cutting Edge Strategies for Executives and Leaders at the Forefront- Individualised coaching programmes are customised to suit the needs of the individual and the operational requirements of the company. 

  • Turning Executive responsibilities into creative, strategic opportunities, ensuring peak performance for leaders at the forefront.
  • Assisting front line staff to represent the company when dealing with customers. Optimize first impressions and enhance client experience - to the client, the front-line person is the company. 
  • Aligning personal and corporate branding – take your image, etiquette and personal impact to the next level from the first seven seconds to personal re-branding.
  • Developing mental and emotional flexibility to optimise personal and professional performance through individual and small group coaching interventions.


Whether you are a startup or have been around for hundreds of years. Let us assist you in building your brand. From corporate branded internal marketing campaigns, to helping you develop your very first mission statement. Our design portfolio includes the following:

  • Brand development (logo; business card; stationery design, online template design)
  • Design and/or manufacture of branded marketing materials
  • Sourcing and supply of branded marketing materials
  • Bespoke, client specific product design

We supply print ready files for those who choose do do their in house printing. Alternatively we manage the whole project from inception to hard-copy delivery.


In the natural environment, resilience means that an area or system, under threat or damaged, is restored to its pristine state. In the engineering and construction industries, resilience would be the ability of material or a structure to return to an original state – to withstand shock, stress, weight or pressure. However, human beings cannot be untouched by life events – we do not necessarily return to an original or former state and our challenge is to continuously develop, refine and transform ourselves. So can a community or organisation not progress or thrive, if it continuously aims to return to an original state. It needs to able to answer the question: ‘How are we stronger, wiser and more experienced as a result of dealing with the challenge?’ Longing for the good old days, can therefore not build the character of the person, community or company in a productive manner – the world is constantly changing, and adaptation more often than not, requires focused effort to create or construct a positive future.